Maule Tailwheel Checkout


Tailwheel endorsements are required under FAR 61.31 (d)(2). We offer a 10 hour/3-4 day minimum course for those interested in flying taildraggers. The objective of this course is for the student to be able to competently fly a Maule tailwheel airplane with the safety of the pilot and airplane never in doubt.

Minimum prerequisites are a current medical certificate and a private pilot license.

Lesson 1: Introduction to the MAULE. Includes preflight of the aircraft, taxi procedures, climbing turns, cruise, constant altitude turns (30° & 45° bank), minimum controllable airspeed, dutch rolls.

Lesson 2: Stalls, departure and approach, accelerated stalls, descending turns, and steep spirals.

Lesson 3: Ground reference maneuvers, s-turns across a road, turns about a point.

Lesson 4: Takeoffs and landings, slow flight down the runway in landing attitude, normal takeoff and landing, crosswind takeoff and landing, high-performance takeoff and landing (short and soft field).

Lesson 5: High-density altitude takeoff, wheel landing (optional). This course is based upon the minimum time we believe to be required or a tailwheel transition. Some individuals may require additional training. If the student elects to seek additional training, arrangements will be made on an individual basis.

At Maule Flight, Inc. our basic training model is the Maule M-6-235, which is a 4-seat, 235 horsepower aircraft. We feel that training in such an aircraft right from the very beginning will best develop the essential skills necessary for professional pilots. “Taildraggers” teach the fundamentals of rudder control and coordination, on the ground and in the air, better than any other type of airplane. And learning to fly in an airplane such as the Maule, which is a level above the more basic, older trainers will better prepare pilots for transition to more complex aircraft s they progress in their careers.

All flight training at Maule Flight, Inc. is conducted under the close supervision of our instructor, Lawrence West. Lawrence has been instructing pilots for

We feel we have an exceptional environment for training here in sunny Moultrie, Georgia. Spence Field, a former Army Air force Base, is home not only to us at Maule Flight, Inc., but also Maule Air, Inc. the manufacturer of MAULE aircraft which are in use around the globe and are renowned or their rugged construction and STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) capabilities. Having the factory right here means that students will be exposed to another facet of aviation with additional learning opportunities which are not available anywhere else. And our proximity to the factory and on-site maintenance facility allows us to keep our equipment in top-notch condition. In addition, our 10,000 foot paved runway, along with several grass landing strips, and a minimum of other air traffic lets
students concentrate on learning to fly.

Our Tailwheel Endorsement or Tailwheel Check-Out
$325.00 Per Hour Dual Instruction (including Maule M-6-235 Rental & Gas)